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СТУДИЯ СВЕТОЗАРА АНДРЕЕВА / HOTEI`RUSSIA   это международная проектная группа, основанная архитектором и дизайнером Светозаром Андреевым, занятая разработкой ультрасовременных архитектурных проектов общественных и частных объектов недвижимости, девелоперским проектами

в различных странах мира, проектами реконструкции зданий, интерьерным дизайном, разработкой эксклюзивных предметов интерьера и мебели, а также, созданием фирменного стиля компаний. Нами разработано и реализовано множество проектов различного назначения и сложности, которые отмечены международными наградами и премиями, и регулярно публикуются ведущими изданиями, посвященными современной архитектуре и дизайну.

THE SVETOZAR ANDREEV STUDIO / HOTEI`RUSSIA is an international architectural group founded by architect and interior designer Svetozar Andreev, which specialises in the design of cutting-edge commercial and residential architectural projects and real estate development worldwide. Our portfolio includes, historical building renovations, landscape and interior design, exclusive interior pieces and furniture, exhibition design and corporate branding. Our group has devised and implemented an array of projects of varying function and complexity, works which have won awards in numerous architectural competitions. Our projects are regularly covered by leading international printed and online media devoted to contemporary architecture and interior design








“…All my projects, irrespective of their outward differences, are created according to one principle. They consist of the creation of a pure space which gives a person maximum freedom. I strive to rid my projects of superfluous objects, unnecessary forms and adornments. Light, colour, texture, impeccable proportions and well thought-out solutions create an aesthetic which speaks for itself. Svetozar Andreev



Architect Svetozar Andreev has drawn up the design for a multifunction exhibition complex called The Heart of Malta, to be constructed on the site of the world famous Azure Window, which was destroyed by a storm in March 2017. The complex, with its spiral structure and incorporating over 5000sqm of exhibition space, is destined to become a new architectural and cultural landmark for Malta and Gozo, and a monument to the iconic arch. The space within the complex is designed to accommodate dynamic laser shows and digital exhibitions devoted to Maltese and international art, history and culture, as well as concerts, TV broadcasts, and other events.

THE HEART OF MALTA / Project By The Svetozar Andreev Studio /
svetozar andreev

THE HEART OF MALTA / Project By The Svetozar Andreev Studio / THE HEART OF MALTA / Project By The Svetozar Andreev Studio / It-Tieqa Żerqa, more popularly known as the Azure Window, was an icon of the Maltese islands. Following a storm in March of 2017, the arch collapsed into the sea, and there was no way to restore it. However, we have a plan to give this symbol a new life: THE HEART OF MALTA is a polygonal architectural form with mirrored steel faces, which will blend into the landscape, and have the same size and proportions as the original limestone arch. Within this form we have designed over 5,000 square meters of exhibition space laid out over five spiral floors, with a dynamic laser show in which each spiral step represents one thousand years of Maltese history. It will be a perfect monument and symbol of the fusion of modernity and nature, of time and history, and a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit. The Heart Of Malta Multifunction Exhibition Complex Idea, Architecture and Interior Design - Svetozar Andreev. Сopyright © Svetozar Andreev, 2018-2019. All rights reserved. Website: Facebook: Instagram: The materials contained herein are protected under copyright in whole or in part, including the name and concept of the project, architectural plans, blueprints, layouts and 3D visualisations. Any distribution, sale or use of these materials without the express consent of the copyright holder(s) will be in violation of international copyright law.​