February 23, 2020

Video-Interview With Architect Svetozar Andreev, Creator Of The Heart Of Malta Project.

"The Heart Of Malta: A Modern Jewel In The Mediterranean Crown." Rolls-Royce St.Petersburg.

Hello, my name is Daria Kalinina. I am an art expert. Today we will be talking with architect and designer
Svetozar Andreev, an creator of The Heart Of Malta project.


I interviewed you some time a...

February 20, 2020

🇲🇹 Rolls-Royce: Full Interview With Architect Svetozar Andreev, Creator Of The Heart Of Malta Project.
“The Heart Of Malta: A Modern Jewel In The Mediterranean Crown”.

Full Video-Interview is available with English subtitles on:


Video-Interview supported by Rolls-R...

February 3, 2020

ESQUIRE TAIWAN October Issue 2019. “Rock and Iron” The Heart Of Malta Project By Architect Svetozar Andreev

The Heart Of Malta is a memorial exhibition centre on the site of the world famous Azure Window, that was featured in Game of Thrones, before being destroyed by the storm in March 2017.

Comprehensive information on the project can be found online on : https://www.hotei-russ...

February 2, 2020

7 Jan 2020 The Daily Telegraph, UK “Earthquake destroys famous rock formation in Puerto Rico.”

“..This is not the first time that a famous arch has collapsed into the sea. In March 2017, Malta’s world-renowned Azure Window disappeared after heavy storms. The arch was one of Malta’s most recognisable locations, having appeared in HBO series Game of Thrones and promotional campaigns...

January 2, 2020



- I interviewed you some time ago, and when I read back over my notes from that occasion, it struck me that your two life mottos, “Pursue the impossible” and “The future is now”, come together very nicely in the Heart of Malta. The project is a symbol, and very timely one, that stands as a reflection of the i...

January 2, 2020

Since begginning of 2019, over hundred articles about The Heart Of Malta project have appeared in some of the largest international and local media outlets, including: The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, The New Zealand Herald, Condé Nast Traveller, National Geographic, GEO France, Le Figaro, La Stampa, Corriere Della Sera, La Vanguardia, ESQUIRE, ELLE Decor, CNN International,...

January 1, 2020

Project: The Heart Of Malta / The Azure Window Memorial Museum.
Location: Dwejra, Gozo Island, Republic of Malta.
Idea, Architecture and Interior Design: architect Svetozar Andreev
Official page: https://www.hotei-russia.com/theheartofmalta
The Svetozar Andreev Studio “Hotei-Russia”

Credit: Weather Channel

October 30, 2019

World Media About The Heart Of Malta Project By Architect Svetozar Andreev: “Since begginning of 2019, over hundred articles have appeared in some of the largest international and local media outlets, including: CNN International, CNN USA, CNN Japan, CNN Greece, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Condé Nast Traveller, GEO France, Le Figaro, ELLE Decor, National Geographic, La Stampa,...

October 29, 2019

Luxury Travel Advisor: "Malta’s fallen Azure Window could be getting a very modern makeover. Plans have surfaced for a structure that mimics the size and shape of the original limestone arch formation on the island of Gozo, which collapsed into the sea after a storm in 2017 and has since become a popular dive site. The proposed addition wouldn’t just bridge the gap, but would fun...

October 20, 2019

`- On the subject of the Maltese character, what I see in the monuments to Malta`s past is a palpable sense of decisiveness, courage, and the ability to defend the nation`s independence. From the impregnable bastions of Valletta, raised on the orders of St John, to the Great Siege of the 16th century and the glorious defence of Malta during the Second World War – this character i...

October 20, 2019

Malte : découvrez le projet audacieux pour remplacer la célèbre Fenêtre d'Azur 

Malta: discover the bold project to replace the famous Azur Window

Мальта: откройте смелый проект востановления знаменитого Лазурного Окна

Comprehensive information on the project can be found online on :
Official page: https://www.hotei-russia.com/theheartofmalta

The Heart Of Malta project / The Azure Wi...

October 5, 2019

Alec Groysman PhD, Doctor of Chemistry.
The Chairman of the Israeli Society of Chemical Engineers and Chemists:

"This project will be the pride of the country of Malta, its attraction, the only in the world, and will mesmerize not only Maltese, but also tourists from other countries. And I will definitely be among them."

Carlo Moro
Flos S.p.A. Commercial Director
Architectural & Ou...

October 4, 2019

 Esquire Taiwan The Heart Of Malta Project / The Azure Window Memorial Museum.

​Idea, Architecture and Interior Design - Architect Svetozar Andreev.

Сopyright © Svetozar Andreev, 2018-2020 https://www.hotei-russia.com/theheartofmalta

October 3, 2019

It-Tieqa Żerqa, more popularly known as the Azure Window, was an icon of the Maltese islands. Following a storm in March of 2017, the arch collapsed into the sea, and there was no way to restore it. However, we have a plan to give this symbol a new life:The Heart Of Malta is a polygonal architectural form with mirrored steel faces, which will blend into the landscape, and have th...

October 2, 2019


- Некоторое время назад я уже брала у Вас интервью и перечитывая его вновь заметила , что два Ваших жизненных слогана "Следуй за невозможным" и "Будущее сейчас" удачным образом объединились в проекте "Сердце Мальты". Проект - символ, проект точно попадающий во время, проект отражающий победоносный дух человек...

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