ARCHITECTURAL PROJECTS BY SVETOZAR ANDREEV "Our studio develops cutting-edge projects for private houses, residential, retail and hotel complexes and public and private interiors, in Russia and all over the world. The studio also works actively to develop renovation projects for both contemporary and historical buildings. Our approach to design is very different from normal practice, where the architectural design is developed in isolation from the interior or landscape design, which very often negatively impacts on the final result. Instead, we develop the architectural composition in parallel with the interior design, furniture and landscape. This method of "parallel design" makes it possible to create solutions which are honed down to the finest detail, without random elements, lines and shapes. Very often we will design and manufacture interior and exterior pieces and furniture specifically for the project inhand. We strive to ensure that every single element of the building we design reflects the fundamental concept of the project. We believe this is the only way to create architecture of the highest quality."

АРХИТЕКТУРНЫЕ ПРОЕКТЫ СВЕТОЗАРА АНДРЕЕВА "Наша студия разрабатывает ультрасовременные проекты частных домов, жилых, торговых и гостиничных комплексов, общественных и частных  интерьеров, как в России так и за рубежом. Также, студия активно работает над созданием проектов реконструкции современных зданий, и зданий старого фонда. Наш подход к проектированию резко отличается от привычного, когда архитектура разрабатывается отдельно от дизайна интерьеров и ландшафта, что приводит к низкому качеству конечного результата. Мы разрабатываем архитектурную композицию параллельно с дизайном интерьера, мебели и ландшафта. Этот метод "параллельного проектирования" дает возможность создавать решения, продуманные до мелочей, в которых нет случайных форм, линий и деталей. Мы стремимся, чтобы все внутренние и внешние элементы зданий, над которыми мы работаем, отражали одну основную идею проекта, и убеждены, что только при таком подходе, возможно создать по-настоящему качественную архитектуру."


Architect Svetozar Andreev has drawn up the design for a multifunction exhibition complex called The Heart of Malta, to be constructed on the site of the world famous Azure Window, which was destroyed by a storm in March 2017. The complex, with its spiral structure and incorporating over 5000sqm of exhibition space, is destined to become a new architectural and cultural landmark for Malta and Gozo, and a monument to the iconic arch. The space within the complex is designed to accommodate dynamic laser shows and digital exhibitions devoted to Maltese and international art, history and culture, as well as concerts, TV broadcasts, and other events.

"On the shining, polished-granite peak of the pyramid of Amenemhet lll we can read to-day the words: 'Amenemhet looks upon the beauty of the Sun' and, on the other side, 'Higher is the soul of Amenemhet than the height of Orion, and it is united with the underworld." Spengler, The Decline Of The West,1918.


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