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It is difficult to call this penthouse, designed by the architect Svetozar Andreev, an apartment in the usual sense of the word. It is rather a self-contained three-level building with terrace, built from scratch in the abandoned garret space of an 18th century building in St Petersburg’s historical centre. The total area of the penthouse comes to 390 sq.m., and the for the most part the interior is furnished in accordance with Svetozar Andreev’s original sketched, as well as furniture from well-known brands: the kitchen, bathroom, storage solutions, coffee tables and beds were all custom-made for this interior. The 120 sq.m. terrace provides the owner with the perfect space to throw a barbecue, or simply to admire the city’s historical centre without ever having to leave their home.." SALON-interior №3 2008 Completion: 2007. Area: 390 m². Architecture and Design: Svetozar Andreev.

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