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Alec Groysman PhD, Doctor of Chemistry. The Chairman of the Israeli Society of Chemical Engineers and Chemists:

"This project will be the pride of the country of Malta, its attraction, the only in the world, and will mesmerize not only Maltese, but also tourists from other countries. And I will definitely be among them."

Carlo Moro Flos S.p.A. Commercial Director Architectural & Outdoor Collections:

"We beleive the Heart Of Malta Project could be an ambitious and interesting challenge where to join the your great ideas and inspirations with Flos philosophy into something very unique"

Ricardo Martin Vondom S.L.U, General Commercial Director:

"From Vondom, we would like to emphasize that the fact of being able to participate in this unique project of such magnitude and dimension, offering the possibility of creating a space with no precedent and difficult to replicate, is a privilege and at the same timea challenge, which makes those who participate in such an event proud, as creators of dreams"

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