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Luxury Travel Advisor: "Malta’s fallen Azure Window could be getting a very modern makeover. Plans have surfaced for a structure that mimics the size and shape of the original limestone arch formation on the island of Gozo, which collapsed into the sea after a storm in 2017 and has since become a popular dive site. The proposed addition wouldn’t just bridge the gap, but would function as a 5,000-square-metre exhibition space laid out over five spiral floors, each representing one thousand years of Maltese history. It’s the work of Russian architect Svetozar Andreev, who hopes the plans will be approved by authorities after respondents to online polls were found to be mostly in favour of its construction. “The objective is to create a centre of attraction in Dwejra, a new asset to draw tourists, this time to a new architectural and cultural landmark,” Andreev states. “We are confident that this project represents an outstanding investment for the future of Malta and Gozo.” Written by Annabel Fenwick-Elliott

The Heart Of Malta project / The Azure Window Memorial Museum.

Idea, architecture and interior design by architect Svetozar Andreev.

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