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Since begginning of 2019, over hundred articles about The Heart Of Malta project have appeared in some of the largest international and local media outlets, including: The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, The New Zealand Herald, Condé Nast Traveller, National Geographic, GEO France, Le Figaro, La Stampa, Corriere Della Sera, La Vanguardia, ESQUIRE, ELLE Decor, CNN International, CNN Japan, CNN Greece, CNN Arabic, BILD, Times Of Malta, Malta Today, Lovin Malta and many others, included those devoted to contemporary architecture and design.

The Heart Of Malta project has been published in many languages in more than 50 countries all over the world and new articles appears almost daily. For us, this level of press attention is further confirmation that our project is of great interest to the public, and that it fully meets the objective we set ourselves at the outset: “to create a new centre of attraction on the islands of Maltese Archipelago with a new architectural and cultural landmark.” - Svetozar Andreev,

Comprehensive information on the project can be found online on:

The Heart Of Malta Project / The Azure Window Memorial Museum

Idea, architecture and interior design: architect Svetozar Andreev

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