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ANNOUNCEMENT • Rolls-Royce: Interview With Architect Svetozar Andreev, creator of the Heart Of Malta

🇲🇹 Rolls-Royce: Full Interview With Architect Svetozar Andreev, Creator Of The Heart Of Malta Project. “The Heart Of Malta: A Modern Jewel In The Mediterranean Crown”.

Full Video-Interview is available with English subtitles on:

Video-Interview supported by Rolls-Royce St.Petersburg.

Interview by Daria Kalinina. 2020.

Duration: 15 Minutes.

The Heart Of Malta Project / The Azure Window Memorial Museum. Idea, architecture and interior design: architect Svetozar Andreev Copyright©️Svetozar Andreev 2018-2020.All rights reserved. Official page: The Svetozar Andreev Architectural Studio “Hotei-Russia”

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