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The Heart Of Malta Project: A New Driver Of Economic Growth.

A few months ago, we recorded a video interview devoted to our project, The Heart Of Malta (The Azure Window Memorial Centre).

To date, this interview has garnered over 110,000 views on Facebook among inhabitants of the Maltese islands.

It has been encouraging for us to note the positive reception with which our vision, as presented in the interview, has been greeted,

both in terms of reactions and comments to the interview itself, and in the personal letters which we regularly receive from the inhabitants

of Malta. Many Maltese people see in this project a symbol of change, and of overcoming the current cultural and economic stagnation inflicted by the ongoing global crisis.

Unquestionably, any crisis is a window onto unique opportunities and now, as never before, is the ideal time for a re-thinking of attitudes,

a search for new objectives and the implementation of new ideas. Today, many people have become aware of the powerful and singular significance of modern cultural centres on regional economic growth and as symbols and landmarks of contemporary society, and perceive our project as a unique opportunity to achieve just such changes.

I would therefore like to bring this fact to the attention of the Maltese authorities, and in particular to the Ministry for Tourism and the Malta Tourism Authority: this would enable our project to be considered in the current climate as a new driver of economic growth, and as an investment by contemporary culture in both the history and the future of the Maltese archipelago.

Yours faithfully,

Svetozar Andreev



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