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Without a doubt, these illustrations speak for themselves!

I recently discovered in the press the new Patina Maldives resort hotel project on Fari Island, which opened in June 2021,

and was surprised to find direct architectural references to my own project, the United Islands Project 2017, which was published

a long time ago in numerous international architectural publications and internet platforms.

Still more surprising for me was the fact that the Patina Maldives project was developed by Studio MK27, a major studio headed

by the Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan, a creative professional for whom I have immense regard and respect.

According to their website, Studio MK27 has a team of 30 architects. Knowing the specifics of the work of large studios,

I understand only too well that it is quite difficult for a studio’s leader to keep track of the origin of ideas brought in by team members or investors. Naturally, I simply cannot assume a direct citation of my project by Studio MK27’s esteemed founder.

Nevertheless, since Patina Maldives is proudly presented as "revolutionary" in the international press (according to Travel Insider),

I would be grateful for some clarification from Studio MK27’s founding director.

Dear Sr. Kogan!

I highly value you as an architect, and very much appreciate your contribution to bringing modernism to the tropics, and supporting the concept of placing the geometric three-dimensional forms of modern villas over water. This idea should have been realized a long time ago.

However, as you can see, it is impossible to deny the direct similarity of our two projects, both in terms of their concept and their architectural compositional solution, and I would be grateful to hear from you as to how this could occur.

We all understand that overwater villas are the flagship and recognizable calling card of your Patina Maldives project on Fari Island, as do we all understand that my comments above are made strictly within the scope of professional ethics.

I assume that the inspiration for the "revolutionary idea" came either from someone in your team, or from an investor subscribing to the many architectural internet platforms on which my United Islands project has been published on numerous occasions, because I cannot assume that you have any need to borrow the ideas of others.

Nevertheless, I cannot help but make the point that, when presenting the idea of a project in the press as "revolutionary" reference should at least be made to the original author of the idea, not to mention the fact that your employees initially had to contact the author in order to obtain permission for the use of this architectural design in your project!

I would be glad to receive your feedback.

With respect as ever for you, your work and your talent.

Svetozar Andreev, architect, creator of United Islands project.

The name, trade-mark and images of the Patina Maldives, Fari Islands located on this video are for information purposes and belong to their owners. Music: Digital Ghosts by Unicorn Heads


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