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At first the space looked like a fairly average apartment: small rooms, and the only chance to admire the view of the Gulf of Finland was from the glazed-in balconies that ran around the perimeter. As a result of the reconstruction most of the partitions were knocked through, as was the internal facade with standard windows. The floor area of the balconies was added to that of the apartment, and the cold single glazing replaced with insulated panoramic glass, thus producing a single, unified open space. For the fixtures and fittings, the majority of the pieces used were created especially for the interior based on Svetozar Andreev’s sketches. The client was disposed towards contemporary, functional solutions, free from superfluousdetails, therefore the emphasis was put on elegant simplicity and practicality. SALON-interior No. 5 2009 Complition: 2008. Area: 270 sq.m Architecture and design: Svetozar Andreev.

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