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THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: The Heart Of Malta By Architect Svetozar Andreev

7 Jan 2020 The Daily Telegraph, UK “Earthquake destroys famous rock formation in Puerto Rico.”

“..This is not the first time that a famous arch has collapsed into the sea. In March 2017, Malta’s world-renowned Azure Window disappeared after heavy storms. The arch was one of Malta’s most recognisable locations, having appeared in HBO series Game of Thrones and promotional campaigns..."

“All may not be lost for Malta’s iconic sight. Last year, a Russian architect put forward plans for a very modern makeover to the arch which mimics its original size and shape. The proposed addition wouldn’t just bridge the gap, but would function as a 5,000-square-metre exhibition space laid out over five spiral floors, each representing one thousand years of Maltese history.”

The Heart Of Malta Project / The Azure Window Memorial Museum. Idea, Architecture and Interior Design: architect Svetozar Andreev. Copyright ©️ Svetozar Andreev 2018-2020. The Svetozar Andreev Studio “Hotei-Russia”.

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